Review ~ Dirty Secret


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Oh. My.


I’m really digging this Bliss-Rothert combination. Seriously digging it. I really love how they keep the suspense active, but the emphasis is on the romance. And ooooooooo it’s so romantic. Walls are torn down. Butts are spanked. Kisses are smoldering hot. And the tinge of jealousy is MWAH. Continue reading

Review ~ Ego Maniac by Vi Keeland




Here’s the thing about a Vi Keeland book … You’re going along, enjoying your sweet read with its bits of upset like a boss. You fall in love with the characters. You get excited to see them get their HEA. And then you get Keeland-ized. Your heart gets bashed, bruised, beaten, and abused. And you know what? DO YOU KNOW WHAT? Continue reading

Review ~ Dearborn by Jenni Moen



Dearborn by Jenni Moen

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What a great story!

I can’t say the twists were totally unpredictable, but overall I really enjoyed reading about Quinn and Willow. The author used color wonderfully to explain both characters – I think that’s my favorite thing about the whole book.

An interesting side note… This book didn’t feel like a novella. I kept thinking to myself “ohmisgosh, there is too much left untold, the author’s gonna rush it at the end” I was wrong. there was no rushing. There was only romance and quirks and a little heartache. You know, all the good stuff.

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