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I just found out that the first book in one of my FAVORITE MC Series (Ravage MC by Ryan Michele) is on sale for, get this, 99 cents! For less than a buck you can fall in love with Princess and Cruz just like I did! When you get done, grab Seduce Me and Consume Me. Trust me, you wanna.

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Ravage Me (Ravage MC #1):
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/onwq2fo
Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/nxou8ad
Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/kfdq4oc
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/n36q4y7

Seduce Me (Ravage MC #2):
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/puer4as

Consume Me Buy Links:
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/ConsuemMe-AMZUS


Cover Reveal!! Maybe Me – Amber Hart


maybe me-2MAYBE ME – Amber Hart

A sliver of a second is all it takes.

Maria Reyes knows what it means to come from nothing. Escaping Cuba, the States have given Maria new dreams. Like graduating high school. Going to college. Making something of herself. Forgetting a past that always seems to creep up on her family. But mostly, staying out of trouble. Which is why falling for Hale is out of the question.

An unguarded moment, a simple mistake.

Hale Watson is a flash of a second away from being locked up for good. With a rap sheet longer than the list of homes he comes from, Hale has one more shot at making things right. Graduate senior year. Don’t mess up. Don’t get caught. That’s the plan. Until he meets Maria.

And everything changes.

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MAYBE ME is the third book in the Before & After series, but it can be read as a standalone! You can find out more about BEFORE YOU and AFTER US here!

About Amber Hart

Amber Hart grew up in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. She now resides on the Florida coastline with family. When unable to find a book, she can be found writing, daydreaming, or with her toes in the sand. She’s the author of the Before & After series (BEFORE YOU; AFTER US; MAYBE ME), and the Until You Find Me series (UNTIL YOU FIND ME; CAPTURED BY YOU). Rep’d by Beth Miller of Writers House.

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5 Cups for Ryan Michele’s latest



Blurb: Prospect Andrew “Tug” Tugger wants two things. One, to become a member of the Ravage Motorcycle Club, and two, Blaze, the sexy brunette whose eyes set him on fire. Only one of those things is under his control, and he is done waiting. It’s time to take what he wants. Blaze has been running from her tragic past for over four years. She is finally feeling settled, after stripping her way through school and building a life in Sumner, her first safe haven. She keeps everyone at arm’s length, afraid to let anyone discover the secrets she holds within. Tug sets out to make Blaze his, but will someone get burned in the process? Will Blaze run again when her new world is threatened? Or will she allow Tug to consume her?

Have you ever played the game, “Just One More Chapter?” I did with this book. I did a dumb thing and started it at ten o’clock at night. I could not put it down! Between Blaze and Tug I was hooked. H-O-O-K-E-D. As in, I finished it in one sitting. I will say that even though Consume Me can be read as a standalone, the first two books really add to your understanding and appreciation of characters and storylines. And even better, those books are just as amaze-balls as this one! Blaze is a stripper at a club owned by the Ravage Motorcycle Club. She is obviously running from some kind of past, but no one really knows. She isn’t “just” a stripper, though, having recently graduated from college. Clearly, Blaze is not a stupid girl, so when hotter than sin Tug catches her eye, she is more than happy to look – just not touch. She doesn’t want any kind of relationship, no ties to bind kind of thing. This chick lives with the need to be able to cut and run at any moment. You just wanna hug her, it’s horrible. Tug is your typical Ryan Michele biker bad boy. Tough, sexy, tatted, in others words, my dream man (minus the whole violent lifestyle thing, a small issue, really). I’m pretty sure that his bed posts are dwindling down to toothpicks from all of the notches in them. But Blaze is different for some reason. So he does something he never has to do, he pursues a chick. What? He has to work to get attention? Weird, but true! Another reminder for us girls – DON’T BE EASY, it really doesn’t work out well for you. Tug is a bit more than determined and not being his natural alpha-male self does make him impatient.

“I’m playing this your way, For now. That time is almost up, sweet lips.”  “What in the hell does that even mean, Tug?” …. “Means I’m letting you call these shots. Want you used to me. But soon, babe, we play by my rules.”

I just love him! I mean, I don’t know that I could handle that as the guy I date, but I’d be willing to try, I do believe. Another important thing about Tug, well all of Ryan’s guys really, is that she writes them like they are DUDES. I have read some books that had the ability to be fantastic, but the guys sounded really, um, girly. Not Ryan’s Alphas. No way. These are men, through and through. They love, they have passion, but you totally forget that a chick wrote this. He is all guy, all the time. It’s a lost art, so thank you Ryan! The book takes a couple dramatic turns based on previous storylines and an intense reunion between Blaze and some people from her past. Her instincts are to bolt, and I would feel the same way; run to protect. It’s something she felt was always coming, and the heartache it causes is palpable. Tug is Tug, and a badass alpha biker dude isn’t really hip on the whole “running away” thing.

“I will not let them get to you…I will protect you, keep you safe.”

Who doesn’t want that? Ahhhh I do. This is Tug, loyal and protective to those who matter to him. And hot, did I mention hot? The heat in the this book….oh my good-ness. Ryan gives a great build up, and lemme tell you, totally worth the wait. Totally. I was riveted to each page, and I know you will be as well. I am going to try to be patient for Ryan to write the next book, but I am probably going to fail.

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Upcoming Release!!!


Add this new book from Dani Hart to your TBR!

Forgotten Treasures

In the aftermath of destruction, hearts were destroyed, strengths were stripped, and vulnerabilities were exposed. 

A community was ripped apart after a tragic accident, and the loss hit one family particularly hard as it claimed the lives of three, leaving only one surviving member to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Baylor’s life was wiped clean in the blink of an eye. No family, no home, no name. That is, until she met Brandt. He took a chance, giving her hope and a reason to start over. A reason to rebuild a life full of forgotten memories. A reason to trust. A reason to love. 

Finding love in all the right places should be easy, but when truths are revealed, it’s anything but. Brandt will help her rediscover the true meaning of unconditional eternal love that will prove painful, life altering, and redeeming.

Together, they will try to face the future and will use each other’s strengths to learn how to live again. Can they rewrite history, or in the end, will the tragedies of their pasts be too much? 



Release Day for Throb by Vi Keeland!!


Throb by Vi Keeland is LIVE!

Now is your chance to meet Cooper & Kate!

throb it's live

Available at:

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1BgqIUD

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1CsRg9d

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1z9gnyu

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1x5c3P8

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1slglLN

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Review: In My Bed, Jennifer Lacross




The past can shape us …

Jenna Fitzgerald’s beliefs have become her truths.

She’s discovered that it’s easier to stay away from love than it is to try and deal with the loss of it. She doesn’t want a relationship and she has no plans to fall in love. But falling into bed with a guy …

Well, that’s a different story.

Nate Campbell’s rules have been set.

He’s learned that it’s important to really get to know a girl before you move forward. He’s not looking for something simple and easy. He’s looking for something real.

And he won’t give up until he finds it.

But what Jenna and Nate soon realize is that love is truth. And it doesn’t always follow the rules. Sometimes you don’t get to choose who you fall for.

Sometimes you don’t get to choose whether you fall at all …

This is the second novel in the series about the members of the band, Second Story. Some of the material from In My Bed may be considered inappropriate for readers under 17.

My Review

5 freaking full cups!!

I am so excited to tell you about this book!! OK, I knew after reading Jennifer’s first book, On The Floor (which you need to read before this one to really appreciate everything, that I would love this book. I was NOT disappointed.

By page 13 I was totally and completely fucking heartbroken and devastated. PAGE 13 PEOPLE!!! All I could think was, “Shit I am so screwed.” OK, something important to note. I am not, NOT, a crier. It’s rare in real life and super-duper rare in books. But I wasn’t even done with the first chapter and my stomach was in knots, my throat was tight, and I just ached for Jenna.

I was so emotionally attached and invested in Jenna so quickly, it was so easy to read this in one sitting. Jenna is smart and ambitious, and yet so totally (and unknowingly) vulnerable, you just love her. She is hilarious too.

“I want real life penis and vagina type stuff, not fucking on a cloud…”

Jenna is heartbroken early in life and has decided that exclusive non-relationships are the way to go. And for the most part she does OK. However, she was totally blindsided by my new BBF, Nate.

Nate is amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Talented, intelligent, kind, loving, OMG I could go one forever! He has issues, don’t get me wrong, he’s not some unattainable perfect guy. He’s real enough to love, and amazing enough to want to read about.

They start out as friends, since they are looking for extremely different things in a relationship, and this is new for Jenna. It’s really neat to see them come together.

“It can be scary to take the risk, but I think it’s scarier to miss out on something great because of fear.”

The emotional attachment Jennifer creates really makes you feel everything Jenna feels, and it is wonderful. The entire book has you half-way on edge, waiting right along with Jenna. Even the character development is thoroughly engaging.

I cannot wait for the next installment!!

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What is a Book Round Robin????


I might mention this a time or two, so I thought: “Who else is this weird? I better explain what the hell I’m talking about.”

Well, since I follow so many awesome bloggers that compile lists of free and inexpensive books, I tend to get overwhelmed with what to read next. I get indecisive. SO the Book Round Robin was born. I start reading, say four books, one chapter at a time each book. Whenever a book sucks me in to where I HAVE to know what happens next, I go ahead and finish that book. Then I go back to the other three, a la Round Robin until another does the same. And that goes on and on until I finish them all. I don’t do this often, but it’s a fun change of pace.

A lot of my friends tell me I’m nuts. They would be so confused they couldn’t keep it straight. But I LOVE IT. I get to be indecisive and yet accomplish something…..so rare. It also makes it easier that I try to keep the genres different. I would not do 4 lost love books; I would read a paranormal romance, a second chance love, a YA, and an Erotica book. This way the stories are so different I can keep all of the stories straight J