A 4.5 Cup Review of Uncovered by Emily Snow


Book blurb:

My name is Lizzie Connelly, and I have it all. The gorgeous apartment. The new job most women would rip out their own souls for—working for Margaret Emerson at Emerson & Taylor. I have one of those lives you’ve always dreamt about, the kind you only see on HBO. But, the thing is, that life is a lie. A façade. It all started with one call. “Everything you know about your story—your father’s story—is a lie. It’s up to you to uncover everything.” One call, and I turned my world upside down to dig my way into Margaret’s life—the woman who I’d never laid eyes on until recently. My stepmother who took everything after my father died fourteen years ago. The plan was simple—figure out what role she played in my father’s death and expose her to the world. But here’s another thing: simplicity doesn’t exist, and my plans are flawed from the beginning because I never anticipated Oliver. Sexy, too smart for his own good, and infuriating, he’s the one person who could blow my plans to uncover Margaret. She’s his mother, and in another life, that would have made him my stepbrother. I want to pretend that none of that matters, that I can simply finish what I came to do without sparing him a second glance and another thought. Like I said, though, there’s no such thing as simplicity. My real name is Gemma Emerson. And this is my story.

Geez, doesn’t that make you want to one-click like crazy?! Well, I did, that’s for sure. This is a definite 4.5 star book for me. The book round robin was not necessary.

This is my first Emily Snow book, and it has made me an insta-fan. The pull at the opening of the book is immediate.

The phone call. As a phone sex operator, Gemma knows how to handle phone calls, but not that one. And I have to say, the phone call was out right mean. I guess that’s what it would take to get the wheel’s turning though.

Gemma’s character was fantastic. She has not had the easiest life, her father died when she was 8?? And her mother died when Gemma was 16. She had no family to turn to. The fact that she didn’t turn into a coke-ridden whore is kinda commendable, really. She is loyal, loving, and determined. Even though she had a mission, she still saw good in people, and was not a fan of having to lie constantly.

So, Gemma and her hacker-best-friend Pen (Penelope) finagle Gemma into a job working for her former step-mother (Margaret) as Lizzie Connelly, in order to put her in a position to dig. Her first day on the job she runs into Oliver, her former step-brother, Margaret’s son, and BOOM, ZAP, the fire has been set. And what a fire it is. These two start off like the Fourth of July.

  “Did you treat your mom’s last assistant like this?”

            “Honestly, I didn’t even recall the woman’s name. We maybe said a couple of words to each other. I never asked her to dinner. And I never thought about what she’d look like with my sheets tangled beneath her after a five minute conversation.”

Yeah, that was after a few days. Most of which they didn’t see each other.

So, over time, Gemma/Lizzie and Pen learn more about what really happened. As they piece together all of the information they find, you really feel like you are sleuthing with them. I loved how much emotion Ms. Snow put into Gemma’s discoveries. It was a real rollercoaster of disbelief, sadness, anger, regret, and hatred. But those are not the only emotions Ms. Snow was able to convey. Oh no, no, no.

Remember Oliver? I cannot forget Oliver. Definitely your bad-boy-gone-good, and scorching hot, this BBF is a keeper. However, at the same time, he is also the reason the rating is missing half a star. I’m sorry! I know! It’s a bit contradicting, but there is very little warm interaction, it’s all blazing hot. And I like hot, don’t get me wrong, but a relationship isn’t built on heat alone, and a little more insight, a little more get-to-know-you time would have really helped me. And yes, he did some sweet things for “Lizzie,” but they were mostly prior to the relationship. He still could have just been trying to screw her.

 “Even if it’s only one night, I plan on getting your beautiful body naked and beneath me.”

So, as I’m reading the questions and theories in my head had it hard to concentrate on daily life. The place I work wants me to accomplish something. My family wants to eat, play, interact, etc. My body wants to get to the gym. But my BRAIN, my brain wants to know! So, alas, I did have to function in my real life, but I still got to escape into this life at night and at lunch.

I really loved how conflicted Gemma is throughout the story. The lying doesn’t sit well, it isn’t like her. Wanting Oliver feels wrong, like she is dishonoring her mother or getting side-tracked from her mission. But, she can’t help it. She has to lie to get to the truth. She wants Oliver like she was born to.

This book taught me that I make a piss-poor book character. I’m yelling (in my head, I don’t want my family to think I’m totally nuts) at Gemma/Lizzie:

  • Stop! Don’t touch!
  • Just say no!
  • Walk the heck away
  • Grow a pair! (my personal fav 😉 )

But, you know what? If she didn’t do what I was yelling at her about, what the hell could happen in the story? Gemma gets her answers, but lives alone forever? Um, NO! So yay to you, Gemma, for not listening to me.

I totally recommend reading this book. It’s not everyday (anymore it seems) that you get a single POV true standalone novel. I was pleasantly surprised to find Uncovered, and I think you will be too.

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