What is a Book Round Robin????


I might mention this a time or two, so I thought: “Who else is this weird? I better explain what the hell I’m talking about.”

Well, since I follow so many awesome bloggers that compile lists of free and inexpensive books, I tend to get overwhelmed with what to read next. I get indecisive. SO the Book Round Robin was born. I start reading, say four books, one chapter at a time each book. Whenever a book sucks me in to where I HAVE to know what happens next, I go ahead and finish that book. Then I go back to the other three, a la Round Robin until another does the same. And that goes on and on until I finish them all. I don’t do this often, but it’s a fun change of pace.

A lot of my friends tell me I’m nuts. They would be so confused they couldn’t keep it straight. But I LOVE IT. I get to be indecisive and yet accomplish something…..so rare. It also makes it easier that I try to keep the genres different. I would not do 4 lost love books; I would read a paranormal romance, a second chance love, a YA, and an Erotica book. This way the stories are so different I can keep all of the stories straight J


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