Free Books Anyone?


Hello, My Name is Danielle. I am an Addict.

I am addicted to reading. However, I am also, um, well, let’s go with thrifty. So I found some bloggers that do an amazing job of finding free books for me (and now YOU!) check out the blogs below and fill up your Kindle! I download as they come out, and a lot of times I can’t get to them right away, but that’s OK!

Just be aware, a lot of these books are firsts in a series, so you may get sucked in to a story that is told over 2, 3, or even 7 books (I’m looking at YOU Pepper winters!! lol She rocks though, so I still love her 🙂 )

Nose Stuck In A Book

Ana’s Attic

TBQ’s Book Palace

Don’t forget to look for them on Facebook and TSU too! TBQ’s friends get an eyeful on Tuesdays…. #ManWars


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