I’ll Sing for my Dinner by B. R. Kingsolver







When Cecily Buchanan walks into the

Roadhouse Bar and Grill and offers to sing for a meal, ex-Marine Jake McGarrity

can’t say no. Some say Jake is too soft hearted for his own good. But letting

the waif with the cover girl face and the voice of an angel walk away would be

more than he could stand.

Cecily’s sweet nature, bubbly

personality and obvious talent endear her to everyone she meets, and Jake soon knows

his heart is lost. But Cecily has secrets and won’t talk about her past, one so

dark that she has nightmares and clutches a knife while she sleeps.

When those who are chasing her close

in, she faces the decision of whether to run again, or to trust her life to the

cowboy who has taught her the meaning of love.


Warning: This novel contains a dark subplot concerning previous






BR Kingsolver is the author of the Telepathic Clans series (The Succubus Gift, Succubus Unleashed, Succubus

Rising, and Succubus Ascendant)

and Broken Dolls, a paranormal thriller

as well as the contemporary romance Trust:

a truly modern romance, and the upcoming I’ll Sing for My Dinner. I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, among

writers, artists and weird Hispanic and Native American myths and folklore.


I’ve lived all over the U.S. and earned a living doing everything from

making silver and turquoise jewelry, to construction to computers. I currently

live in Baltimore and Albuquerque.




Email: brkingsolver@yahoo.com





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