Blog Tour and Review ~ Undeniable Attraction by J.B. Heller


Book: Undeniable Attraction

Author: J B Heller

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Ivy is straight-laced, orderly and responsible. She’s also in love with her boss, Gabe.

When Ivy started working for him at his private investigation firm three years ago she was instantly drawn to him.

He’s everything she’s not and everything she wants— rough, gritty, sexy and impulsive.

When Ivy accidentally draws the eye of an unwanted admirer, Gabe is forced to take her and her rambunctious cousin Tessa into his home for their protection. But with Ivy in such close quarters Gabe’s resolve to stay away from the once shy beauty begins to dissolve at a rapid pace.

Things aren’t all sunshine and lolly pops for Ivy though, her stalker will not easily be deterred. His military background only makes him more determined and dangerous, the only thing that can save Ivy now… is Gabe.

My Review

What a neat read! Undeniable Attraction by J. B. Heller is a fun Romantic Suspense novel and if you need a rainy-day read, this is a great option. I give it 3.5 Cups 🙂

Gabe and Ivy have a great chemistry. I think the thing I really liked the most was the lack of insta-love. Ivy has been employed by Gabe for three years. And even though she was attracted to him right away, her true feelings developed over time, and when she bit the bullet, well I just wanted to yell “Yeah girl! Get your man!”

Gabe’s feelings were maybe not apparent (to him) at first. His mind was elsewhere for a while, yeah it’s safe to put it that way. It’s so like a BBF to not see what is right in front of him until danger strikes.

I will say, there was limited character development – basically we really only got to know Gabe and Ivy. And there were some details that didn’t jive with me – a PI’s house can be broken into that easily? Really? And the ending, well it gave A LOT of info. Almost too much, but it was

But as a whole, the story flowed well and had great twists and turns.  The dual POV was great – I loved knowing how both main characters felt. It was heartbreaking at times, but there were enough sweet (and hot) moments that you weren’t sobbing 🙂

So, if you like fast-paced suspense, grab Undeniable Attraction!

Author Bio

J B Heller is an average Aussie housewife with a wicked sexy imagination. She and her super sexy husband are the parents of three little minions.

She spends her days running around after her raucous children and jotting down stories in her flower embossed leather notebook (She is very particular about her stationary.). But the kids often run off with said stationary so she is forced to use her iPhone, iPad or whatever she can get her hands on (Darn kids!).

When the kids are taking their nap, nine times out of ten, J B can be found sitting at her computer typing as fast as she can, while she can, usually with her phone wedged between her shoulder and ear bouncing ideas off her sister.

Want to know more about J B? Check her out, you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh if nothing else.

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