Becoming Lady Thomas by K. Webster ~ ARC Review


Becoming Lady Thomas (Becoming Her, #1)Becoming Lady Thomas by K. Webster

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

BLT is the PERFECT weekend read! Or, if you are like me, one night read 😉

Elizabeth is a little ball of fire and did not disappoint this reader. She was devastated by being taken away from the man she had planned to marry and desperately wants to get away from her newly betrothed, Jasper (or does she?).

Elizabeth’s body wants something entirely different, and the emotions and “reactions” she has towards Jasper say a lot – and it’s not usually “go away” 😉

Jasper lives the life like the badass everyone thinks he is (or should be), but deep down, he is an amazingly loving man.

BLT is a great mix of period and contemporary romance – giving you the feel of Old London with language that will leave you hot & bothered.

I highly recommend this novella.

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