Happy Easter! There’s a Cover Reveal in This Basket!

Cover Reveal 
~ Exposed by Sapphire Knight ~
Cover Designer: Sara Eirew/Sara Eirew Photography. 
Release Day: April 17th


Available on: Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Google Play. 
Exposed is book two in the Russkaya Mafiya/Oath Keepers MC Novel.
I cared about fun. I cared about getting through school and my future with the mafia. 
That is until I was wrecked by London Layla Traverson’s secret and a grimy biker. 
I cared about my bike, fighting and my club – The Oath Keepers MC.
Well, up until I saw London Layla Traverson’s icy blue eye’s again. 
I had to get to Tennessee to help Emily as fast as possible. 
She was in trouble and I knew what was coming for her. 
No had any idea I had a secret of my own. A secret that was big enough to change our lives. 
Who knew with Cameron and Cain, our secrets would all become Exposed.
Series Order 
Secrets: Book 1. AmazonExposed: Release April 17th. 
Link to Content with Sapphire Knight. 

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