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Between Dreams
by Cynthia Austin
The Pendant Series #1
Publication Date: April 28, 2015
Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

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Sidney Sinclair was living the dream of any eighteen year-old girl…

A handsome rock star boyfriend, a closet full of designer clothes, a limousine service at her beck and call, and a mansion in the hills of Los Angeles.

Even will all of that glamour and excitement at her fingertips, she still feels as if she’s been missing something in her life so she decides to leave.

While trying her best to put her dysfunctional romantic relationship aside and tend to her beloved Granny, Sidney unexpectedly stumbles upon an intriguing emerald pendant boxed away in her grandmother’s closet.

Soon she learns it once belonged to her long-lost mother who committed suicide when she was just a baby. Suddenly feeling emotionally connected to the woman who had birthed her, Sidney begins to wear the necklace.

This sends her on a whirlwind journey that alternates between fantasy and reality…

Almost immediately, she starts having dreams linked to the mysterious pendant. As danger begins to seep into her life, Sidney refuses to remove the necklace and instead documents each dream to help her further understand them. However, she soon begins to wonder if they are dreams meant to bond her to a mother who she never knew?

Or a subconscious warning that threatens her very life?

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My Review

Holy moly. I was really surprised by this book. It’s starts off with a slightly typical, my-rocker-boyfriend-is-being-a-douche scenario. Well, it doesn’t stay that way for too long. Between Dreams really did have me from the beginning, even though I thought I knew what was coming. Annnndd I was wrong.

Sidney did piss me off a little bit – giving up on herself and what she worked hard to accomplish for her boyfriend? WTF?! You are going to have to move past this, there never was a moment that clicked “OK, I get it now.” So just accept and move forward. Sid is with Ray (said d-bag) and has to leave him “Buuutt you proooooomissssed!!” Whatevs Ray. Whatevs.

After some time a part, Sidney finds a necklace that belonged to her mother and all I could think of was:


I loved it!! The inexplicable connection that PNR offers is my favorite. Because you don’t neeeeed an explanation. Well, not a normal one at least. So this necklace catches the eye of someone not  Ray (wooo hooo!!) and Sidney starts to think maybe she needs something different.

Now, I am not a fan of the triangle. I usually hate them. But when the BF is a DB, I have a little flexibility. I hope I do not get burned in book two. I always get nervous when resolution is coming, but not here yet. So, bring on Book 2 Cynthia, bring it on! (3.5 cups…..though leaning toward 4)

About Cynthia Austin

Cynthia Austin

Cynthia Austin lives in Northern California with her husband, two boys, and Olde English Bulldogge named Count Dogula. They love all things horror, gothic, and Victorian which prompts her friends to dub them as “The Adams Family.”

She is an avid reader who may be slightly obsessed with music. She hears music in a way that she believes the artist intended it to be heard: visually, with a storyline that follows. Listening to the songs by her favorite artists, she was inspired to write her first series titled “The Pendant.”

Cynthia has been published twice in The Writer’s Monthly Magazine as well as the online news site, Yahoo! Voices. She currently attends Diablo Valley College, in Pleasant Hill, California, where she is working to achieve her degree in English.

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