Great Debut Book from Danielle Ione ~ Limitless


Limitless: The Story of Knox and Emery JaneLimitless: The Story of Knox and Emery Jane by Danielle Ione

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a fantastic book!

Knox and Emery Jane are such a sweet couple, I just loved them ❤

Limitless is a wonderful story of two people with pasts they wish they didn’t have – but without them they never would have met.

Knox did at least get a beautiful son out of the mess, so he is already a winner. However, his ex sucks. Big time. Like, I want to cut her.

Emery Jane (who doesn’t go by a short name which I found odd)has been literally running from her past for years and finally takes her friend’s advice to stop running and start living. This single choice finds her living next to hot/sexy/romantic Knox.

If you want a wild ride filled with deceit, heat, personal growth, and love look no further. You found it.

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