Blog Tour with 3.5 Cup Review! Unspoken Temptation by Gabbie S. Duran



Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 11, 2015



She’s a temptation he can’t resist … 

Trey Johnson is far from ready to be tied down to a single girl. His carefree, no rules lifestyle is as perfect as it can be. That is, until he meets a girl who captivates his attention by resisting his playful charms. 
She’s the one girl he isn’t allowed to touch … 
Victoria Montgomery’s prim and proper upbringing was designed to prepare her for life as the perfect daughter to the future president.  When she meets the one guy her father has always warned her to stay away from, she can no longer live by their rules. 
Are they strong enough to resist their attraction, or will they surrender to their unspoken temptation?

Three years is a long time to pine after a one-night stand, but both Trey and Victoria did just that.

Their relationship is slightly confusing, but interesting and sweet. So, Victoria is involved with someone else on the night of said one-night stand and she fled without any explanation. Like, bolted while Trey was in the shower. I do not see this as a spoiler. Sorry if you do. Anyhoo,

Trey thought that he and Victoria, or Princess as he calls her, had a real connection and is crushed to find her missing after their fantastic night of sex-capades.

This book is great as a standalone, but i do feel that if I had read the other three books I would have understood Tray’s relationship with Abbie and her daughter a little better. I’m guessing it is very brother/sister uncle/niece, but at times it felt awkward (like I wonder if they boinked, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t). However, Abbigail and Matt’s story takes three books, and I am not a big fan of couples that cannot get their shit together within two books (there are a few exceptions to this rule, but very, very few). If you do not have this aversion to extended stories, by all means, Gabbie’s writing is great, go check them out!

Back to Trey & Victoria. OK. I’m not sure where Trey was “the one guy her father has always warned her about” figures in (from the blurb), but he can really be an asshole, so everyone should have warned her! Don’t get me wrong, he is a great MC, but DAMN some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is AWFUL! Just when you think he is going the right direction, whoosh! 180 degree turn.

Victoria is my reason for a lower rating. She is, in my opinion, a bit weak. While I always need an HEA and a lot of times that means the chick gives in some, Victoria tended to give in fairly easily and that made her harder to love as an MC. It isn’t impossible (wait until you see her in action in a negotiation!), but there was just a few too many times where she just goes along with Trey.

Unspoken Temptation was a fun read and I think that most of you will really like it. I give it 3.5 Cups.

“Princess, you’re not helping with my hard-on.” I’m already pulling into my driveway when I say it. Thank God. I don’t know how I would react if she were to speak anymore dirty thoughts while I was on the road. Killing the engine, the phone call still continues.
I can hear her heavy breathing as she asks, “Were you serious about reminding me about that night?”
Now I’m the one practically panting.
“Then remind me.”
Swallowing deep, I contemplate whether to take her offer or not.
“I can’t truly do it with the distance we have between us,” I say as I remember she’s in Seattle and I’m now back in Portland. Hector is telling me to start the engine and speed over to her, but my mind is the only coherent one at the moment, informing me it would be a waste of time. I have to take advantage of what I have: her voice.
I can hear her disappointed sigh.
Closing my eyes, I remember every detail of the night.
“Every inch of your body felt like silk,” I huskily tell her. “I couldn’t get enough of touching you. I still dream about it to this day.” She rewards me with a moan that echoes throughout the car.
“Your kisses tasted of the champagne you drank that night. I’ve never liked the taste of champagne until I kissed you. You make me crave it.”
Hector is straining to be let out at this point. Reaching down, I try to shift him in my pants, but it makes it worse as my hand makes contact and she lets out another moan.
“Why did I leave?” she complains.
It’s the bucket of cold water I needed to remind me of how she marched out of my life the next morning.
“Why did you leave?” I ask, wanting clarification myself.
“Because it shouldn’t have happened.” Another cold bucket of water returning me to reality.
“I think I better let you go,” I regretfully inform her.
“What if I don’t want to let you go?”
The admission has me stiffening in my seat.
“Let me ask you something, Victoria.”
“What happened to princess?”
Ignoring her question, I get to the point. “Why did you really call me tonight?”
I receive silence for a couple of seconds.
“I don’t know,” she admits.
“Then I think it’s best I let you go. Goodnight, Victoria.” Pushing the button on the screen, I end the phone call.
The satellite radio returns to playing music, and ironically it’s playing “Am I Wrong.”
I don’t receive another phone call immediately after hanging up on her as I did earlier, which is for the best. I already know I shouldn’t be playing with fire, and she is the flame of desire. But I’ve learned from my first mistake with her: Never mess with an intoxicated girl; it will lead to regret.
Maybe she’s right. There shouldn’t be anything occurring between us. I’ve always told myself I wouldn’t be pathetic enough to fall prey to being trapped and her actions in the past are a clear reminder of why I kept telling myself I wouldn’t. She isn’t the first girl who has given me a reason to harden my heart, nor will she be the last, because there is no fucking way I will ever let a girl tie me down.
Or have I already done so?
Because since the day I met her, she’s all I can ever think of.
Closing my eyes and throwing my head on the headrest, I let out a heavy sigh, thinking of her as I’ve done for hours. I don’t know what the hell I got myself into, but there is no one who will ever compare to her. I was stupid enough to think they could. She’s champagne when all I ever drink is beer, far beyond what I’m allowed to have.

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