ARC Review ~ House of Royals by Keary Taylor


House of RoyalsHouse of Royals by Keary Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

review to come… be excited for this book!!! PNR at its best.


I am so freaking excited for this series!!!! Keary Taylor has done it a-freaking-gain! The characters in HoR are absolutely fantastic; they are well developed, likable, strong, exciting, and while some are easy to love, others are easy to hate. But are we right on who to love or hate? I cannot wait to find out with the next installment 🙂

HoR is very original. You will not be getting the same old vampire story here – No. Way. Keary puts us in southern small-town America where our heroine is surprised by the townspeople’s fear of the dark… Or is it what hides in the dark? The characters are very different than your typical vamp book also; there is a strong loyalty that i have found absent in many books. The loyalty has been earned in many cases, and is not just for political gain.

Speaking of politics, there are some deals being made and strings being pulled all over HoR! I have no idea what will happen in the future installments, but you can be sure I will be waiting (im)patiently for each book!

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