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Welcome to A Cup and A Book Tanya! Congratulations on your recent release, The Darkest Frost (part 1).


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Let’s start off with something easy 😉 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m married to a wonderful man, I have three children, and I’m a writer.

In twenty words or less, make my followers desperate for The Darkest Frost:

If you’re looking for an original and unpredictable plot with a steamy romance, then The Darkest Frost is for you.

Oh Yes, I completely agree with that description! I have to say, I found this book to be absolutely amazing. The setting is so vivid it is almost a character of its own. Is there a home or place that inspired Braeden’s home?

Singer/Songwriter Richard Marx’s mansion. Well, it used to be his mansion. He and his ex-wife Cynthia have since put it on the market. I don’t know if it’s been sold yet, but the place pretty much looks like I imagined Braeden’s house to look. Only thing it’s missing is the huge Palladian window in the front.


Let’s talk about Braeden. Oh Braeden! What a panty-melting leading man! He was such a dynamic and enthralling character, what was your biggest challenge bringing him to life? How did you over come that?

His emotional repression. That was the biggest challenge. I didn’t want him to be like those ‘80s romance heroes. You know the type: Dark, brooding, and mean—leaving the reader with no idea why. They’d ignore the heroine and treat her like crap for ¾ of the book, then have a come to Jesus moment at the last minute by declaring their undying love. lol This was during a time when male POV wasn’t popular, which made their 180’s very jarring, if not extremely hard to swallow.

So I had to find a way to get around that. Not an easy task when the first third of the book has the reader only seeing him through the eyes of the heroine and one of the villains. But that’s where Denieve, my trusty psychic detective heroine came to the rescue. She was able to tell the reader what was really going on beneath the scowls and stoic silences, so that when his POV is finally revealed, things fall into place.

promiseme1 copy

I absolutely loved Denieve/Danielle. She was strong, yet fragile. And despite being convinced of Braeden’s guilt, she is open-minded to him as a person.  It was refreshing to have such a different type of leading lady. What was your goal for her as a character in this first book? (What did you want readers to take away from her character?)

As I said above, I wanted her to give the reader an inside look at an extremely repressed man. This was especially crucial for the first third of the book when the reader is left scratching her head, wondering what the heck is going on with the plot and with this very enigmatic hero.

I also wanted readers to see that it’s okay for characters—heroines especially—to be flawed. Oftentimes I find that we, as romance readers, are hardest on our heroines. They can’t get away with half the things we let our heroes get away with. For instance, if the roles were reversed, and Denieve were the dark, enigmatic rude doctor with a billion secrets, readers would not like her. Braeden wasn’t very nice in the beginning of the book, but since he’s part of a classic archetype made famous by some unforgettable predecessors  (Hamlet, Heathcliff, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Rochester…etc) he gets a pass.

Her third purpose I can’t really get into because it would reveal a spoiler. Let’s just say I’m using her to show what it really means when we say we love someone, in that, the declaration goes way beyond the surface meaning. Loving someone means accepting everything about them, including the not so nice parts. We love people in spite of their deficiencies. We accept the good with the bad. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be true love.

Deni1 copy

The Darkest Frost is your first paranormal/gothic romance. What motivated you to make the journey into this genre?

Actually, I started off writing paranormal. Most of the unfinished books on my hard drive are paranormals. Contemporary romance is the exception for me, not the rule. So my roots, or my first love, really is in the paranormal genre. In fact, my first completed manuscript (which shall never see the light of day) was a paranormal romance.

That is so exciting to hear! I cannot wait to see more from you! Do you have a favorite paranormal/gothic romance author (or a list of them as I do)?

Karen Marie Moning, hands down. But I cut my paranormal teeth on Maggie Shayne’s books. Her stories will always hold a special place with me.

The supporting cast of characters are all very intriguing. Who was the most fun to write?

Need you ask? Xavier, of course. J He’s the type of character that just takes over. I had a lot of freedom writing him. It was a pleasant change from dealing with Braeden’s aloofness and stoicism. With Xavier there was none of that. In fact, my biggest challenge was reining him in because he can be a bit overwhelming.

I know you are working furiously on Part Two; do you know approximately when it will release?

I’m saying the fall because I don’t want to put a specific date out there. Most likely October, only because there are some real-life things going on that I’m dealing with now.

What other books can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

Coltrane Dawson of Temptation’s Edge is next. That’s going to be a Contemporary Romance. No mystery. Other than the fact that he suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder, it’s just a basic boy meets girl story.

And finally two “just for fun” questions:

1 – What is the weirdest thing in your purse right now?

I can’t tell you. Seriously. I can’t. lol

2 – What TV show are you addicted to?


I am so grateful to Tanya for indulging me in my need to know more. I hope you enjoyed my time with her and pick up a copy of The Darkest Frost today!

Don’t forget to look at her other book, Withing Temtation! Here’s the blog post.


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