Blot Tour of ~ Sinful Intent (Includes 5 Cup ARC Review!)


TOUR BANNERTitle: Sinful Intent
Series: ALFA PI Book #1
Release Date: July 14th
Author: Chelle Bliss



The moment I saw her, I wanted her.
I tried to resist her, but Race had other plans.
One night, in a moment of weakness, I gave in to my desires.
I still had a job to do before her world collapsed.
If I failed at finding the person behind the threats, I could lose her forever.
Temptation can be dangerous.

Review Cup

Wow. I thought I loved Chelle Bliss before, but if that was love, I don’t know what I’m feeling now.

I have read 125 books (approx) this year (2015), so that leaves little room for surprising me. After a while you feel like you know kind of how the book is going to go and even though you enjoy it, you were right. Well, Mrs. Bliss shattered me. Not only was I wrong, I was heartbroken over the twist in SI. Broken.

I want to tell you about Morgan DeLuca. This man is everything a leading man should be (yes I made a list, bite me):

1) He is unashamedly secure in his desire to love and be loved. Morgan is not some macho punk out to prove how awesome he is by never “needing” to settle down.

2) He loves his Momma. Wait, don’t get your panties in a wad… Morgan is NOT a Momma’s boy, he just loves and respects his mother.

3) He is ex-military. Go ahead, re-read that. It’s hot right?

“My faith in humanity had evaporated while I’d been in combat, but the silence and calm of being a civilian had me climbing the freaking walls”

I loved this quote. It reminds us that while our soldiers come home, they don’t always come back whole – and you may not be able to see it. Love is sometimes the only way back.

4) Morgan is not perfect. He does things because he feels it is the right thing to do – and you have to respect that – but sometimes he doesn’t do it the best way. I still love him. His heart is in the right place.

5) Morgan knows how to talk to the ladies 😉

“Listen Ms. True. The only thing that matters to me is solving you case and having you walk away satisfied… A satisfied customer. That’s what I meant.”

Tee hee. Morgan you’re so cute when you’re out of practice!

Ok, I know you are curious about Race, and you should be. Race is something else. She had a tough childhood that only got way tougher after a devastating loss. She’s worked her way up through her company (and maybe not in the nicest way, but you can’t always do that can you?) and is on the verge of taking over the world – well maybe not, but close. Things I love about Race (yes another list 😛 )

1) Race is a very capable woman. She is smart, has a strong work ethic, and real goals for herself. I love leading ladies like this! They do not take crap and they aren’t ridiculous.

2) She is broken. I’m sorry, I know this seems weird to love about a characters, but I do. Flaws are what make characters relate-able and lovable. We aren’t going into what her flaws are though, just read the book.

3) She is comfortable in her sexuality without being a ho-bag. There, I said it! You don’t have to screw around to prove you own your sexuality.

4) Her name. I can’t tell you why. but her name.

Alright, back to the story. I loved it (did you notice) and I know you will to. And please do not think you need to read Men of Inked. Well, you do need to because they are awesome, but you in no way need to read them to appreciate Sinful Intent. I will say that SI makes you want to read the other books to find out the entire story about supporting characters, but it isn’t necessary.

Oh, and the end – OH MY GOSH THE END! So heartfelt, so emotional. I just – I can’t even describe it. I wanted to wrap Morgan and Race in a big hug and just breathe them in.

So grab this Sinful Intent as soon as you can. You wont regret it



“You’re really purdy,” she slurred with a lopsided grin, running her finger down my cheek.
“That’s it. No more drinks for you,” I said, dragging the glass away from her.
“No! I’ve only had three,” she said as she lurched forward, pulling the drink out of my hands.
“I’m enjoying myself. I’ve had a bitch of a week and I deserve to let loose a little.”
I held my hands up. “You’ve actually had four martinis, but anything you want, princess.”
Her eyes grew into little slits. “I’m not your princess,” she slurred, sounding completely adorable.
My cheeks hurt as I smiled. “I’m going to take you home now. I think you need to sleep it off.”
“Last time I checked,” she said before hiccupping, “you’re not my daddy.” A slow smile crept across her face. She scooted closer and whispered, “Unless that’s your thing.” She tried to wink, but both eyes closed, one after the other.
I leaned into her space, a breath away from her lips. “It’s not my thing, but I’m happy to act out your fantasies. But I don’t think you want to cross that line. Once you go there, there’s no going back.” I stared into her eyes.
“Oooh.” Her eyes grew wide. “Is that supposed to scare me, Mr. DeLuca?”
I didn’t move. “I’m just giving you fair warning. You’ve had a few drinks, and I won’t take advantage of that. I’m just telling you how it is.”
“You’re full of yourself.” Her warm, sweet breath caressed my lips as she spoke.
All I wanted to do was reach out, pull her face to mine, and kiss her full, beautiful lips. “I’m sure of myself and confident in my abilities, yes. That’s entirely different than being full of myself.” I licked my lips, testing her.
Her eyes dropped to my mouth as her lips parted.
“Another?” Lisa interrupted.
“We’re good,” I replied, keeping my eyes pinned to Race and waving Lisa off.
“Pfft,” Lisa scoffed, stomping away.
Race glared in Lisa’s direction. “She wants you,” she whispered.
Was she jealous?
“I don’t want her.”
“She’s a sure thing though.”
I leaned closer, leaving very little space between us. “I never liked easy.”
“All men like easy.” Her body swayed, moving so close our lips almost brushed.

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About the AuthorBlissChelle Bliss is a USA Today Bestselling Author of the Men of Inked series.She loves to write happily ever afters filled with alpha males and sexy women.Chelle spends her days writing, chatting on Facebook, and working on her craft.The ALFA PI series a spin off of her Men of Inked series and she’s excited
to introduce a new world of characters to readers.



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