Does Geometry Work For You?


Today I want to try to have a discussion. It’s my first, so hopefully I’ll do it right LOL!!

You know I love romance. I think that has been pretty obvious, really. However, we all have our sub-genres that just don’t quite do it for us.

My pet-peeve? Love Triangles. I hated geometry in school and it is NOT getting better. The equation that pisses me off the most:

Girl + Nice Guy + Bad Boy – Nice Guy = Happy Ever After

 W. T. F? WHY?!?!?! Do you ever notice that the girl rarely (if ever) choses to be with the boy/guy/man who is kind, loving, albeit a bit unexciting? This is so frustrating for me. I have seen some LTs done very well (Sex, Love, Repeat by Alessandra Torre for example), however, these are not the norm. Generally, there is some mild misunderstanding that causes “Girl” to take a break from “Nice Boy” for what is supposed to be a short time. Then she meets “Bad Boy” and her whole universe is suddenly spinning around with nothing to hold onto by “Bad Boy’s” penis.

I have stopped reading books because an (I think) unnecessary LT is suddenly inserted into the mix. And I have hate that “Nice Boy” never wins the girl. NEVER. What is that? I love a good bad boy, don’t get me wrong, but c’mon people! The only time I ever saw the good guy win was in JD Hollyfield’s My So Called Life, but that wasn’t really an LT per say.

Maybe I’m alone in this, and that’s fine. But I am really interested in hearing from other readers how they feel about Love Triangles….


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