ARC Review of Nina Levine’s Command

Book 7 in the internationally bestselling Storm MC series by Nina Levine is live! Check out this steamy excerpt, pick up your copy!
Command (Storm MC #7) by Nina Levine

Betrayal. Destruction. Loss.

The Storm MC is a club in crisis and their new President, Scott Cole, has declared war on their enemy. As Scott takes command, the MC is thrust into the biggest battle in their history – a battle to not only save the club, but the lives of its members.

Harlow James stands behind her man as he takes charge. She’s determined to prove she can be the woman he needs. However, somewhere along the way, she’s lost a piece of herself, and she fights to be strong for him when she feels anything but strong.

As the club descends into chaos, Scott and Harlow are pulled in opposite directions while they try to protect everything that is important to them. Their relationship is tested in ways it never has been, but they cling to the faith they have in each other.

Is faith enough to get you through when all appears to be lost? For Scott and Harlow, it may be the only thing that, in the end, will save them and the club.

Sexy SnippetI ran my hand over her ass and up her back. When I found her hair, I took hold and pulled her head back so I could dip my mouth to her neck. Fuck she smells good. I kissed her and as she moaned again, I added my teeth to the kiss, and fuck if she didn’t arch her back and press her front to me harder.

Pulling away, I rasped, “Jesus, woman, I need to get you out of here, otherwise your ass is gonna be planted on that couch and my dick is gonna be buried so far deep in you before you can stop me.”

Her mouth turned up in a grin, but she didn’t say anything.

“What?” I demanded.

“There is no way Scott Cole is going to fuck his woman in front of his club, but I love your enthusiasm. Personally, I think these guys are so involved in their drinking that we could probably have sex on that couch and none of them would even notice.”

I raised my brows. “You wanna see just where Scott Cole would fuck his woman? ‘Cause I’m happy to show you.”

Her grin grew. “I dare you, baby.”

Fuck.She knows me too fucking well and she’s fucking playing me.

I kept my gaze trained on her while I pulled out my phone and called Griff. When he answered, I said, “You guys right if I head home for the night?”

“Yeah, brother. We’ve got it under control. Church is scheduled for ten in the morning and then we’ve got the re-opening of Trilogy tomorrow night.”

My gaze dropped to Harlow’s lips as she licked them, and my dick begged for that tongue. I raised my finger to her lips and closed her mouth, holding my finger there as I replied, “See you in the morning.”

Shoving my phone in my pocket, I growled, “I want you outside. Now.”

Her grin disappeared and gave way to a sexy curl of her lips. Without another word, she turned and began walking outside. My eyes dropped to her ass. The way it swayed under the tight fit of her short, black dress almost made me come in my pants.

That dress is fucking perfect.

I followed her outside and as we walked past the corner of the building, I snagged her around the waist, lifted her to rest against my body and carried her around the corner. I then deposited her on the ground and pushed her up against the building. My hands went to the hem of her dress and I pulled it up to reveal her panties to me. I slid one hand inside to find her pussy while my other hand moved to take hold of her chin.

My eyes found hers and I demanded, “You good if I fuck my woman now?”

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Review Cup

Right, so I’m a little late. I was supposed have this done on release day. Well, shit happens and I screwed up, but GOOD LORD I loved this book. Ok… on to my review.

Holy S#$t, Nina Levine. What a way to end things!!

Scott and Harlow have gone through so freaking much, to see their story unfold completely, bared to us readers (those who have been around since day one and others who only recently found Storm MC) was beautiful.

Ever since Fierce, and through the last few books, Scarlow’s (HAHHAHA) development, trials, struggles, and love endeared me to them in a way that a single book could not for any couple (although I refuse to doubt Nina’s abilities, so I may have to retract that one day). These two characters have such a deep devotion to each other, they are so willing to “take one for the team” at any moment, I fell in love with them all over again.

Harlow, omg that woman kills me! She puts so many peoples’ needs above her own (read: everyone) that there is barely enough time for her to care for herself. And it shows. She continues to push and push, but the way she gives so many the benefit of the doubt doesn’t seem to transfer to herself.

“It took a strong woman to confront those kinds of buried truths, and I wasn’t sure I was strong enough at the moment.”

BUT, and this is huge, Scott does everything he can to pick up that slack. He is a man’s man, a biker above all bikers, but this dude!!! He shows love with no reservation. And not just for Harlow. He is devoted to his woman, his club, his brothers, and never half-assed.

The club issues that have developed over the previous 5 books come to a head, and you gotta know… I wanted to cut a b!tch a few times. I have become loyal and protective ofmy club since I met Madison and J, and when someone works against them I get pissed.

Congrats, Nina, you created a world I love, a crew I hold in my heart, and a book series that will live forever.


USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about alpha men and the strong, independent women they love.
When she isn’t creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.
She love to chat with readers of her books so please visit her on social media:



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