He Met Me More Than Halfway



A little note:

Before we get to the point, I want to let you in on the man that is Terry Maggert. I met Terry at Penned Con in 2015 and I adore this man. He is not only hilarious, intelligent, and extremely tall (I’m short, it could be a perspective thing), but he is kind and supportive. Also, he has shaken George Strait’s hand. Do you really need to know more than that? Okay, maybe you do… I saw him treat bloggers, readers, and other authors with more than respect; it was a deep-down kindness that is missing from a lot of people (I am totally raising my hand right now btw). We aren’t friends, but I know that if I ran into him (though he probably wouldn’t remember me) I would not hesitate to walk right up and say hi. He’s that approachable.

I will say, Terry, if you’re reading this… yes you can use my line, but I expect credit *wink wink*

A real DJ uses a guitar.

 HDCome for the waffles. Stay for the magic.

Carlie McEwan loves many things.
She loves being a witch. She loves her town of Halfway, NY—a tourist destination nestled on the shores of an Adirondack lake. Carlie loves her enormous familiar, Gus, who is twenty-five pounds of judgmental Maine Coon cat, and she positively worships her Grandmother, a witch of incredible power and wisdom. Carlie spends her days cooking at the finest—and only—real diner in town, and her life is a balance between magic and the mundane, just as she likes it.
When a blonde stranger sits at the diner counter and calls her by name, that balance is gone. Major Pickford asks Carlie to lead him into the deepest shadows of the forest to find a mythical circle of chestnut trees, thought lost to forever to mankind. There are ghosts in the forest, and one of them cries out to Carlie across the years–Come find me.
Like the forest shadows, danger can run deep. The threat is real, but Carlie’s magic is born of a pure spirit. With the help of Gus, and Gran, and a rugged cop who really does want to save the world, she’ll fight to bring a ghost home, and deliver justice to a murderer who hides in the cool, mysterious green of a forest gone mad with magic.



Review Cup

If you are looking for an intelligent, original paranormal book filled with different types of humor, you have GOT to read Halfway Dead.

My note in my kindle at 44%:

“This is not a fun book. It’s smart, witty, the heroine is strong, solidly good and intelligent. It’s slow, but only because every paragraph is driving an amazing story-line.”

Terry Maggert has a style that is absolutley, 100% his own. The humor ranges from dry to sarcastic and back around to snort-worthy.


“Wherever Wendigo live when they aren’t eating people, they don’t have dental floss. I can tell you that for sure.”

The book is told completely from Carlie’s POV, and she is a RIOT! Her respect for her heritage, food, and nature as a whole makes her remarkably strong; something that is sometimes missing. Many books have the leading lady learn to be strong. Carlie already is. And it’s awesome. And she’s short. Like me. And we are reminded how short she is (often). But so what? I can deal with that to have a “Wonder Woman” worthy heroine that doesn’t take any crap and has the brains and balls to back her up (figuratively, it’s not that weird a book).

And Gram (Carlie’s grandmother)! Holy shitoly I want a Gram; that woman is bottled fire! She is definitely someone to have on your side.

The book did run a little slowly at times; there’s a lot going on and Terry had a huge job to fill in all of the blanks. I think my interpretation of the speed of this book has more to do with my Go, Go, GO brain that just wants to get to the good stuff (i.e. mayhem and sex). BTW, no sex. (C’mon book 2!) But it’s good without it.

And guys… it’s freaking 99 cents. NINETY-NINE PENNIES. What the hell are you waiting for?

About Terry:

Left-handed. Father of an apparent nudist. Husband to a half-Norwegian. Herder of cats and dogs. Lover of pie. I write books.

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