Do You Ever…?


Do you ever find yourself reading and asking yourself, “is this worth my time?” Is it ever a book others love wholeheartedly? I do. I thought I was broken. I thought that of i couldn’t see what everyone else saw, I needed to stop reading for a while.

Ha ha ha! Stop reading?! But I almost did. Then a few things happened. I stopped opening promo company emails for blog tours. I’m sorry, but I have over committed myself to the point that reading became a job … One I’m not paid for. I’m not an Amazon affiliate, so when you buy for my links, I don’t make anything. I don’t have enough traffic to warrant ads, and probably won’t.

So what. I love reading and I love reminding you guys who I’ve loved so you can love them too. I mean, we’re won’t always agree, but that’s ok.

I also decided to slow down. There will still be reviews (a bunch), and authors don’t be afraid to ask (although reviews will be far out). There will be random, previously published books (probably freebies galore). There will be favorites.

Above all, I realized that sometimes, even the best authors and books don’t click with us. This is also ok. I’m an individual. You are too.

Hit me with some recommendations and buy links!


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