Havoc by Nina Levin



 Havoc (Storm MC #8)
by Nina Levine

Genre: MC Romance
Cover Designer: Romantic Book Affairs
Release Date: March 8, 2016





Meet Havoc…

I was happy doing my own thing.

No connections.

No demands.

No problems.

Just me, my club and a whole lot of dirty work to take care of.

She never wanted a biker.

She wanted stability and I gave up on that years ago.

We tried to fight it.

Neither of us wanted it.

But she calms my fury and I show her a man who accepts every part of her.

Now we’re trying to figure out how to be together.

Because when the need for each other is this strong, to deny it will only cause complete havoc.


 Havoc Teaser 2

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Before we being there is something you need to understand about my infatuation with Nina Levine. She is the absolute SHIT when it comes to MC Romance. The Shit. Why? I’m glad you asked… Nina has a way of combining badassery (yup, totally a word) and vulnerability that makes my head – and heart – spin. Her alpha-bikers are in a class by themselves.

While Havoc is book 8 in the series, it’s a backtrack to approximately the middle of the Storm timeline. So don’t get confused, so things that have happened, haven’t. Got it? Ok, let’s begin.

Havoc and Carla have an amazing chemistry from the very beginning, and it is smokin’ hot. They meet, they “enjoy each other’s company,” they go on. Or do they? No! Of course not! That doesn’t make for a very exciting book, does it? They do, however, pretend that they are going to leave their relationship at that level of “togetherness.” Nina’s execution of the classic “will-they-won’t-they” was at just the right level of frustration for me. I never got bored or annoyed with it. I did want to slap both H and h a few times, but I think all good characters do that to a reader.

I loved Carla’s character, for the most part (there is one thing I had a hard time with, but overall, she was great). Strong, mouthy, knows-what-she-wants-in-bed, and has a really cool life goal career-wise. I respected her trying to keep things light and detached, but I knew she couldn’t. I mean, c’mon, it’s Havoc. Hell, I wanted him for life 😉

Havoc is the Quintessential Levine Alpha.  He is scary as fuck. He is good in the sack. He is not looking to settle down (though his reasons are heartbreaking, not jerk-like). Havoc is broken. It’s stories like this one where dual POV really adds to your appreciation of the characters and Havoc’s POV will make you want to crawl into the book and cuddle him. One thing that I especially liked about Nina’s portrayal of this badass-biker was his gentleness when it came to Carla. This was perfectly displayed in one particular scene, and it made me melt. Into a puddle.

Author Bio:



Coffee Lover.

Gypsy at heart.

USA Today Bestselling author who writes about alpha men & the women they love.

When I’m not creating with words you will find me planning my next getaway, visiting somewhere new in the world, having a long conversation over coffee and cake with a friend, creating with paper or curled up with a good book and chocolate.

I love Keith Urban, Maroon 5, Pink, Florida Georgia Line, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20, Lady Antebellum and pretty much any singer/band that is country or rock.

I’ve been writing since I was twelve. Weaving words together has always been a form of therapy for me especially during my harder times. These days I’m proud that my words help others just as much as they help me.


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 Havoc Teaser

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