Undeniably Asher by K.L. Kreig


I cannot find a blog post for this book and it bothers me. Undeniably Asher is AMAZEBALLS! So, even if I’ve posted this before, I want to make sure you’re all the way caught up before Luke’s Absolution (I read an ARC and I LOVED it) goes live on March 28th.

Undeniably Asher

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I absolutely ADORED this book. Now, second chance romances have a special place in my heart, so when I get one that is this good, I melt into a pile of goo. GOO people!

One aspect of this book that is so nice, so heartwarming, is the vulnerability of both H and h. I was blown away by Kreig’s ability to mesh hot-alpha with this vulnerability. Not once did I think, “Oh, don’t be such a sissy” (which is a common occurrence in my experience) when Asher would allow that side of him to show. Instead, his moments of tenderness were endearing.

Alyse, wow is she a great character. Her fear is palpable, yet not once did she come off whiney. I cannot stand annoying heroines. Bitchy (with reason), fine. Depressed, also fine. Whiney, not fine. Alyse is smart (thank goodness), driven, ambitious, and utterly captivated by Asher.

The push and pull of their relationship is interesting and engaging. The progression was not super fast or terribly slow; it was well timed and well written. And the sparks… holy hell I think my kindle started smoking!!!




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