Let’s Talk: Insta-Love



I’ve been mulling this over in my brain for a while. I know there are people (me included) that want a smidgen of realism in the romance novels. Unless it’s Paranormal or Fantasy I want to be able to feel like I can put myself in the heroine’s shoes (and even when it is one of those I want to connect to my heroine, we all do). I’ve heard from some readers that the insta-love in some books is off-putting.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

Like with all themes/sub-genres (call them what you will, you know what I mean), there are examples of awesomeness and then there are the examples of what-the-fuck-did-I-just-waste-my-life-reading. But insta-love can be FABULOUS! You just have to give it a chance.

Now, you can’t talk about insta-love without mentioning the Queen of Boom, Aurora Rose Reynolds.

ARR has this little series, maybe you’ve heard of it, Until Her. I LUUURVE this series. The Mayson men have a family secret… The BOOM. These sexy guys dip their wick into a shit ton of women, but once they meet their chick, they’re done. Gone. Over it. They are going to get their women. And I love each and every one of their stories. Grab Until November if you need a taste of an insta-love done really well.

I’m a little on the fence for the Until Him series, but I’m still going to read them.

ARR has a bunch of other great books too, and you can check them out on her website right here: https://aurorarosereynolds.com/

Helena Newbury is another author that utilizes quick-connections, though they aren’t as explosive and immediate as ARR’s.


Newbury’s characters are definitely fast to couple, and they are falling hard within the blink of an eye. And fuck me, they have some of the HOTTEST sex I’ve read. Especially Growing and Kissing which recently released. Are the story-lines believable? They are enough for me. I’ve never dated a Russian Mafia hitman, so how am I supposed to verify the details?

You can check out all of Helena’s books right here -> http://www.helenanewbury.com

Remember people, this is my escape from reality.

Let’s keep going

Okay, I’m willing to discuss the other side of this. Realism. Look, I love realistic, break-your-heart, holy-shit-that-could-be-me stories. And yes, there are times that an instant connection, love-at-first-sight is over-the-top cheesy (wow, can I used hyphens more?) and it is REALLY off-putting. Well, guess what? That problem isn’t singular to wham-bam-marry-me-now (again with the hyphens…) romances. In fact, I find insta-love more believable than half of the YA books I’ve read.

Primal need to claim a lover is also extremely prevalent in Paranormal/Fantasy romances. Especially when it comes to Were-whatevers. Wolf, bear, lion, no matter who, most PNR I’ve read has mates slamming together like magnets. This is a touchier subject for me, mainly because after falling head-over-heels fr PNR I was introduced to some authors that purposely ignore the traditional “mate” relationship. In fact, I think PNR is the only place I’ve found a mated/fated relationship boring lately.

My point:

Whatever the subject matter is, no matter how unbelievable the plot, a well-written book is a well-written book. I mean, I haven’t met any vampires in real life, and they seem pretty popular… just sayin’


Please leave a comment, let me know what you think. If you have a favorite insta-love author, give them a shoutout 🙂

Sorry for the hyphens :/


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Insta-Love

  1. It doesn’t bother me…I question as to whether it’s actually love as opposed to instalust, attraction, obsession, etc, lol. Regardless, is it possible to meet someone and have an instant connection with them? Hell yes!

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    • What a great point! Is it love or lust? Sometimes, when it’s just right, I can feel the love. But there are those books that take the sizzle of “holy wow, you’re {fill in the blank} and I must have you now” and develop it into a fabulous relationship. And sometime…not so much LOL


  2. I don’t have any issues with instant love. In fact, I love it! Especially when it’s done right. Not all authors can pull it off. The reader has to feel the the pull and the emotion driving the couple together. If not, it won’t work. Instant love is like any other trope out there, some readers will avoid it like the plague. Kind of like cheating or ménage or a dozen other subjects. I avoid certain subject matter because it’s hard for me to enjoy. Not that I can’t but that I rarely do, so why waste the money and time just to see.

    My marriage of 28 years is a product of insta-love. We met, we’re engaged six weeks later and married seven weeks after that. So even if inst-love isn’t common, it happens and it’s REAL! I hate when people say it isn’t.

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    • It is definitely real! And you’re right, the aversion to certain subject matter is a very personal thing. I have my own that I avoid, and NOT unlike you, it’s not that I hate it, but if it’s not the most enjoyable, why waste precious reading time?


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