Review ~ Fighting Fate by J.B. Salsbury



Axelle’s broken.
I live to hold her together.

Killian McCreery only has two dreams . . .
Fight for the UFL.
And Axelle.

He’s watched her give her time and her body to men who don’t deserve to breathe her air. He’s waited, worked hard to become the kind of man she deserves, hoping one day, when the time is right, he’d get the opportunity to make her happy. After a painful anniversary, he finally gets his chance.
But life has a way of sucker-punching its victims–striking when they least expect it in the most devastating ways.

Killian loves me.
But I screwed up. Big time.

Axelle Daniels appears to be the typical college student–parties, hangovers, and men. No one knows that inside she’s a mess, and no amount of booze or meaningless relationships have managed to fill the cracks in her heart. But Killian knows. He’s been there since the night it all began and has never left her side.

When she wakes up one morning to find the consequences of her actions have caught up to her, even Killian’s white-knighthood can’t save her now.

Fate is put to the test when, for the first time in their five-year friendship, they no longer have each other to lean on. When he becomes a UFL superstar, she hardly recognizes the man he used to be. And she no longer needs him to hold her together.

With the foundation of their friendship gone, they’ll discover that even a love that is meant to be needs to be fought for and destiny is a choice.

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My Cup Runneth Over

Well shit. That was a fucking roller-coaster ride.

Okay, so we met Axelle/Elle in Fighting to Forgive and I totally wanted to cut her dad’s nuts off then. Now I want to even more. The inner turmoil caused by that “man” is heartbreaking, as is Killian’s reaction to it. He gave up so much for her. Don’t take that wrong…Axelle isn’t exactly rolling in the roses happy. She is giving up parts of herself on the daily. If I ever wished for two characters to spill more than these two, the list is short.

Fighting Fate is an absolutely beautiful story of two friends who are in love with each other and the difficult choices that can come with that deep a love. It gutted me, inspired me, and captivated me.

I can barely describe Axelle without my stomach churning, my eyes stinging, and my heart breaking. She is so fucking broken. It’s easy to at least see bits and pieces of yourself in her, if not whole chunks like I did. JB gives Axelle so much life I wished I could take her out for coffee, watch the fight, and basically hang out with her in real life. As difficult as her choice was, I really loved her for it. It was awful to witness, and I hated it for both of them, but iI knew it was the right thing to do as much as she did.

Killian. Who doesn’t want a Killian????? He did so much for this girl, and then right when those rose colored glasses cover his eyes, the sucker-punch of a lifetime shatters everything. I’m gonna say there was a time that I wanted to pummel him, which would take a lot because he’s a freaking MMA fighter. But I did. I hated it. It was so necessary, it was, but I fucking hated it.

I’m seriously holding back tears RIGHT NOW thinking about this book. If that doesn’t say enough to get you to pick it up, you’re just being mean. Okay, not really, but c’mon…Do it!

I know while I was reading there were things I didn’t totally dig (in a “this is meh” way, not a “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?” way), but that’s why I waited a few days to write the review. Those things weren’t big enough for me to remember by now – take that however you want to. I take it to mean, they hit me when reading, but the overall story, the journey that JB took me on, overrode any negative feelings I had.



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