Things to know about ACAB


I am not an Amazon affiliate. If I say though should read a book, it isn’t because I want to earn money of the sale. It’s because I connected to either the story, the characters, or both and I want the same for you.

I am a positive person … at least, I try to be. Sometimes my ratings for books are often the same (4 cups, for instance) even though the books may not be of the same caliber to many readers. Here’s why: I judge a book by how it makes me feel. I do NOT judge a book based on another book. Have my standards changed over the years? Um, yeah, I’m human. Reading a ton of books gives me the chance to be affected in so many ways and over time my reaction to storeys evolves. I grow as a person, isn’t that awesome?

You’ll have excuse the lack of images and gifs. The thought for this post just hit me, I’m on my phone, and I’m speaking from the heart. Okay, back on track.

Now, I’m not saying Amazon affiliates aren’t honest in their reviews. I firmly believe that bloggers are generally honest bombers trying to feed their addiction. So don’t start shit. I’m just taking about ACAB and me. Besides, I’m pretty sure only two people will see this post, seeing as I rarely have giveaways outside of blog tours. If I win the powerball, I’ll give tons of shit away. Until then, all you have is a PIC in the romance book world.

My thoughts are jumbled, I know. It’s how my brain works. It’s why I love to lose myself in a well structured novel and pretend I have my shit together.

Tata for now. Leave any comments or questions. I beg you. I rarely get them.


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