Review ~ Glass Ceilings by AM Madden


Glass Ceilings (True Heroes #2)

AM Madden



When a perfect new love is shattered, two hearts will do anything to pick up the pieces. In this sizzling novel from the author of Stone Walls, irresistible heat leads to sensual thrills—and a secret that changes everything.

Two years ago, Nick Farley was undercover as a bartender in Chicago. The tough-as-steel FBI agent was working all the angles to build a case against a local crime syndicate, but even his intense focus was no match for the sight of Angela Cavallo’s plump pink lips pulling on her drink. All Nick got was one night—the longest, hottest, sweetest night of his life. It could have been the beginning of something real. Instead, she walked away—and Nick watched her go.

Angela has made some mistakes in her life, but Nick was never one of them. Nor was the baby boy he doesn’t know about. But Angela has been running from a stalker for so long that she’s forgotten how to feel safe. So when Nick suddenly reappears in her life, Angela faces a moment of truth. She wants to trust him and reveal her secrets—her life and the life of their son may depend on it—but first she needs to know that Nick can handle her past, and promise the one thing she most craves: a future together.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Glass Ceilings is meant for mature audiences 18+ due to sexual content and adult situations. Glass Ceilings is a stand alone novel from the True Heroes Series.
Loveswept / Random House Edition




Full cupFull cupFull cuphalf cup

Glass Ceilings was a decent read, but not quite right for me.

The beginning was fun; two people with an insane attraction that get one awesome night. Woo Hoo! But then…

Okay, I can’t really get into what bothers me because it gives away too much if the story, so this is going to be vague as hell. Let’s do Pro and Con list, shall we?

– Great leading man who isn’t a jerk.
– Leading woman with a big heart.
– Interesting plot with some surprises.

– Some parts drag and/or are repetitive. I found myself skimming a few times in the middle.
– I don’t want to hear about Stacie any-freaking-more I’M DONE move on
– Some of Nick’s thinking is difficult to follow. Some of it is a bit tough to swallow.

Overall, Glass Ceilings was not the follow-up to Stone Walls I had hoped for.


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