Review ~Ulterior Motives by Amy Hale


Ulterior Motives By Amy Hale


Despite being wealthy, Ellie Manchester has had a rough life. She witnessed her mother’s murder at age seven, but didn’t see the man responsible. Plagued by nightmares, and a drunken father, Ellie has grown up to believe that she can only rely on herself. When her father dies in an accident, she becomes an heiress of sorts… and a target.

Tanner Paxton was a tough and tumble kid who turned his penchant for getting into fights into a successful security business. He loves his work but doesn’t have time for much else, especially relationships. When he’s hired to protect Ellie, against her will, he not only finds himself embroiled in dangerous chaos, but falling in love with the most stubborn and beautiful woman he’s ever met. But love may be a weakness that can get them both killed.


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I had a lot of fun reading Ulterior Motives. This story was full of a sweet romance between two people who just could NOT make their bodies understand that they could not be together. Their connection was wonderful and I loved the ferocity of Pax’s protective side.

I really felt for Ellie throughout the story; this poor chick really got a raw deal in life. Of course, she gets studly Pax outta the deal so, there’s that 😉

While I, and I believe many readers will also, was able to figure out “who done it” I didn’t care. The story was solid enough that it just made me feel smart. Unlike some other reviews, I don’t think it was due to predictability, but more the limited characters to choose from.

Overall, I enjoyed UM and will be reading more from this author.


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