Review ~ Jackson by Eve Jagger





Title: Jackson
Series: Sexy Bastard #4
Author: Eve Jagger
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
 Release Date: June 29, 2016

I thought I knew what I wanted.The perfect life, the perfect wife.

And then I met Skylar.

Turns out what I wanted wasn’t what I needed.

She’s spontaneous, beautifully chaotic. She’s an irresistible storm about to let loose. She dances like a firecracker and finds the sexiest ways to get in trouble. She breaks into buildings and knows all of Atlanta’s best taco trucks. She doesn’t check the boxes on my list–she blows my list out of the water.

I thought I knew what I wanted, but now all I want is her.

But our lives are so different. She’s chasing adventure and determined to never settle down. I’m climbing the ladder to success, setting the groundwork for my ambition and the family that I hope to build. When our worlds come together, will they fit together or will they clash?

*JACKSON can be read as a STANDALONE or as a companion to the Sexy Bastards: Hard, Cash and Knox. *

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Eve Jagger is the USA Today bestselling author of the Sexy Bastards series. A native of Georgia and a true southern girl at heart, she’s a stay at home mom to two kids, and married to a sexy man who doesn’t mind being used as research for those naughty scenes.Eve cut her teeth writing in high school and college, but it wasn’t until recently that she got the itch to write a full length novel. She loves complex, emotionally-charged characters and wild, sexy leading men. HARD, CASH, and A NIGHT WITH KNOX are available now.

Eve loves to talk and meet people on social media, so be sure and touch base with her on Facebook or Twitter

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Okay kids, this one’s a keeper. Jackson and Skylar have a great story that is both original and familiar – that’s tough.

I’ll admit, I still wasn’t overly connected with either character by a quarter of the way through. I had some left over snuggles for Jackson due to the awesome “big brother overlord” image I had of him. There are few things that make me love a character more than a dude trying to protect his sister, even if Jackson was a smidge psycho about it.

But no worries, the connection comes. Hard. Yes, I am snickering. No, I’m not sorry.

Once I got into the swing of things, both MCs burrowed into my skin and made it impossible to put the book down. What was Skylar going to do next? When did Jackson become such a dominant stud? Why are you doing and/or saying that?! He did WHAT?!

It’s all there. Opposites attract in a big way. I totally dug Jackson’s personality. The push and pull of “straight arrow” vs “dirty taking alpha” was endearing and, well, freaking hot. Now, he doesn’t always do the right thing, but c’mon, that’d be boring 🙂

Skylar is anything but boring. She’s living with one for on the road, ready to run at the first sign of intimacy. It’s no wonder Jacksy-boy was torn.

Overall, I ended up really enjoying this book and I think a lot of people would. I really need to go back to the beginning and read Hard. Right now.


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