Review ~ All In by Emma Scott


All In

Emma Scott


If you haven’t read Full Tilt STOP! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. Click here, read my review, buy the book, read the book, and then come back.

all-inSPOILERS FOR FULL TILT….Reeling from her loss, Kacey Dawson is grieving and heartbroken, her addictive demons hauling her back into the alcohol-soaked abyss she worked so hard to crawl out of. Kacey teeters on the edge of oblivion, and must fight her way through the pain, to build a new life for herself with her music, and somehow fulfill the promise she made to Jonah…one she feels is impossible to keep.

Theo Fletcher has a secret burning in his heart, one that he holds close, while he struggles to keep strong for his family that is falling apart. His mother’s health is fragile and his father’s disapproval is breaking him down. Theo is afraid if he follows his heart, he’ll fail, and not just himself, but his brother who believed in him when no one else did.

Drawn together by their pain, Theo and Kacey slowly build a friendship, re-forge old ties, help each other to heal, and give one another the courage to reach for their dreams. Together, from the depths of grief and guilt, they learn to laugh again, to trust again, and quite possibly find something beautiful and lasting amid the shattered pieces of their broken hearts.


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Full cupFull cupFull cupFull cupFull cup

I was reeling after reading Full Tilt, so I was absolutely desperate to get my hands on All In. I was NOT disappointed. In fact, I started crying within the first chapter and continued crying on and off for the ENTIRE book.

Emma Scott is a miracle. I normally do not get so emotionally devastated by books, no matter how beautiful. There is only one other book that has ever affected me this much. I was a mess. I needed to see this thing come into its own and grow. Grow like a rosebush that has been dormant all winter and is doing everything in its power to come back to life. And that, my friends, is exactly what I got.

Kacey and Theo go through so much together. They suffer. They grieve. They die a little. And they live. The live so hard. I loved that the author didn’t dumb anything down. She didn’t give everyone a magic pill that showed them they were being an ass. She kept this so real I felt like I was there. I went through the detox. I cried for everyone. Every-freaking-body.

I don’t know what else to say but get this duet. Live it. Love it. Let your heart be abused by it. It’s so worth the pain.


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