Review ~ Deep Down


Deep Down


Brenda Rothert

I’m falling.
Sometimes you fall so hard you can’t get back up. My closest companions now are shame and loss. But a sliver of hope lies in the only person I have left in this world – the one who’s growing inside me.
Survival becomes living again because of my child, and the town where I begin anew. That’s where I meet the man who starts to melt the ice inside my heart.
As we get closer, reminders of my past become sharper. Clearer. To confront the pain, I have to discover what’s deep down inside me. Is there enough left there to become whole again, or am I too wounded to heal?







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I grabbed Deep Down (free on Amazon at the time of this post BTW) because I’ve read a couple of things from Brenda Rothert, but not a standalone full-length novel she’d written on her own. I wanted it give her a solid shot to make me love her writing even more than I already thought I did. Yeah… I got exactly what I wanted.

Out story starts off with a sweet girl, a senior in high school, with an amazing future ahead of her. And then… Rothert seriously hit me in the gut, mind, and heart with what happens “and then.” I read with my mouth gaping and my eyes squinted, as if I could change what was happening in front of me by sheer will. Oh, Ivy. I died a little for this girl. But she is strong. And that strength is commendable.

A few years go by and the next part of the “and then” introduces us to Reed. Kind, smart, sexy, and so freaking patient Reed. This dude, though not perfect, is awesome. Total BBF material. I loved his determination. I adored him and how he respectfully inserted himself into the “I’m so sorry, I just don’t date” woman’s life. Because, dude, how do you not want to date Reed?

The pacing of the story at times was quick. Long gaps of time were explained in a few sentences. While it did keep things moving, a little more detail of their emotional bond forming would have helped boost this book for me rating wise.

I will also add that the other brothers have me intrigued. I will definitely be reading the next books in the Lockhart Brothers series.


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