Review ~ The Knight



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Things are really getting complicated. The story is gearing up for some real surprises, that’s for sure. Skye Warren is a great writer and certainly knows how to keep you interested and turning pages. Continue reading


Review ~ Solis by Elda Lore



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Once again, I’m in love with this author’s writing. I’ll admit, the style of Solis is unique  (imo) you might need to be in the mood for it. The flow, the form, the essence of Solis reminds me  a rose covered arbor. Vines, both thick and delicate, laced through a solid support, with thorns placed sporadically, and dotted with joyful, bright, sun kissed blossoms. That is Solis.

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It’s early!


❤️LIVE EARLY!❤️ Embody by SE Hall My world changed when I met Bellamy Morgan. Just one problem — she’s my little sister’s best friend. #1click SE Hall’s sexy New Adult Romance today! I’m not “damaged.” No horrible childhood or demons in my past I’m trying to outrun. In fact, my family is ideal — funny, supportive…

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Review ~ Jacked Up by Samantha Kane


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This book is HOT! Well, the sex scenes are. The plot is decent, but the leading lady… She ticked me of pretty often.

Let’s get down to business. If you enjoy MMF get your BOB or significant other ready to soothe your ache. King, Sam, and Jane get their fucking grooves on. Take that however you want to *snort* *giggle* There are some seriously sexy moments. Unfortunately, there were times when Jane’s negativity soured my mood. Maybe it won’t bug you, so if you’re a fan of Samantha Kane, you’ll probably dig Jacked Up. Continue reading

Review ~ Dirty Secret


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Oh. My.


I’m really digging this Bliss-Rothert combination. Seriously digging it. I really love how they keep the suspense active, but the emphasis is on the romance. And ooooooooo it’s so romantic. Walls are torn down. Butts are spanked. Kisses are smoldering hot. And the tinge of jealousy is MWAH. Continue reading