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Wild Ride was an interesting interpretation of an MC. The men were still gruff, but the way they spoke didn’t quite fit with how I envision bikers speaking. Ollie sure as heck didn’t act like a badass. While I understand he was in the middle of recovering from something horrific, he was such a softy, it took away from his realism. Yes, it’s fiction. I get it. But with all things, everyone has limits, including me.

Call it a stereotype, but it’s how I felt. I mean, I am in no way saying that guys that are part of this type of club (though this particular one is not partaking in illegal activities and its members are some of the most honorable and brave people possible) can’t be smart, or even a little nerdy. Obviously, as their resident hacker, Ollie is going to be both. But it was a stretch that he loved The Princess Bride that much. And the emphasis on his emotional upheaval was emasculating – guys don’t think like that. I don’t know a single man who thinks the way Ollie does. Because while the book was fun to read, it was extremely clear that it was written by a woman.

Why is that bad? Because I couldn’t lose myself in the characters. I enjoyed their story. I totally dug the action. Those two elements kept this rating in the middle. But the disconnect I maintained with the characters made it hard to love the book.



wrThe hero we’ve all been waiting for…

Ethan “Ozzie” Sykes

Former Navy SEAL

Underground operator for Black Knights Inc., the covert government defense firm disguised as a custom motorcycle shop.

In a black-on-black international mission that went seriously sideways, Ozzie was badly injured—now he’s stuck at BKI headquarters in Chicago, champing at the bit to get out into the field again. To his disgust, he’s tasked with distracting Chicago Tribune ace reporter Samantha Tate, who’s been trying to dig up the dirt on BKI for years. Turns out Samantha’s beauty, intelligence and sense of humor are a seriously big distraction, and Ozzie’s losing his desire to keep her at bay.

Ozzie’s tired of hiding, and Samantha may be the best-and worst—person to share his secrets with…


3 thoughts on “Review ~ Wild Ride by Julie Ann Walker

  1. Loved your input on this one (may have to check it out), but a little FYI..we have tons of biker friends and several of the biggest burliest guys are big softies. They come across as tough hard asses, but inside they are all mush. Take a box of puppies or kittens to a group of bikers and see just how many of the big guys melt – LMAO!!! All in all sounds like a good read – thank you for sharing and bring it to my attention so I can check it out!! (ps – love your reviews!!)

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    • I totally understand that bikers have big hearts, and I expect to see that in their books. The issue I had was *how* they stated their feelings – it just seemed less-than-bikery (I also like making up words lol). Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check this book out, it was entertaining. And I’m super pumped you like my reviews ❤

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