Review ~ Too Hard Too Forget, Tessa Bailey


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To be honest, I had trouble with this one. The writing was good, the characters were okay, but at the end of the day, I just could not get into the story. I never connected with the characters. And I think part of that is the issue of why Elliott couldn’t accept his feelings for Peggy. Imagine this…

You’re reading along, enjoying some angst, a little heat, and things really start to pick up. Now, take a bible and slap yourself across the face with it and stare at a picture of Jesus. While I appreciate that this is what was going through Elliott’s mind, I didn’t appreciate it in my own. I like a good Christian romance. I like a down-and-dirty romance. I do not like having a scene come to a screeching halt because of a character’s issues. A sudden stop is one thing, a total derailment is another. And the number of times I was derailed just killed the flow of the book for me.

Now, don’t go gettin’ all Negative Nancy on me, the story is interesting, and there are some super heartwarming moments. I liked the journey the H&h were taken on.

Overall, this is not a book I would jump up and down for you to read, but I wouldn’t rip the book outta your hands, either.


This time, she’s calling the shots.

Peggy Clarkson is returning to her alma mater with one goal in mind: confront Elliott Brooks, the man who ruined her for all others, and remind him of what he’s been missing. Even after three years, seeing him again is like a punch in the gut, but Peggy’s determined to stick to her plan. Maybe then, once she has the upper hand, she’ll finally be able to move on.

In the years since Peggy left Cincinnati, Elliott has kept his focus on football. No distractions and no complications. But when Peggy walks back onto his practice field and into his life, he knows she could unravel everything in his carefully controlled world. Because the girl who was hard to forget is now a woman impossible to resist.


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