Review ~ Murder Over Mochas by Caroline Fardig



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Murder Over Mochas was a fun mystery. It was a break from the angst& heat filled romances I usually read and was just goofy enough to not take too seriously. There are a few moments/events in the book that left me simply telling myself “it’s fiction, deal.” the romance sub-plot got old, though. There is no “who do I want” when one of the men is dating your friend. That alone made it hard for me to like the heroine.

Overall, MOM is a fine book, but I can’t say it sold me on the author. I doubt I would pick up another title by her. with that said, the writing is good and the plot was decent. I just didn’t mesh with her style.




Coffeehouse manager Juliet Langley receives a blast from the past—and another dose of murder—in the upcoming Java Jive Mystery from USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fardig


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