I’m a 33 year old, mom of two awesome boys who is married to my best friend. I am so outnumbered in my house that I gave up all hope for the TV remote (not that there is anything on) and instead went back to my first favorite downtime hobby, reading. I had forgotten how wonderful and engaging reading was. So after a year of practically devouring books left and right, I decided that I really wanted to take more time praising books I love than a simple review on Goodreads or Amazon.

I have always loved reading, but after my boys were born it got pushed to the back burner. It was hard to feel like I should take that time for myself. Well, I got over that! Now my boys are a bit older, and Dad is WAY cooler than Mom, so ta-da! Time for READING! I love lots of different types of books, but most have one thing in common, a good love story. I read YA, Paranormal Romance, New Adult, Suspense Romance, Erotica, and Dark Romance. You can always check my shelves on Goodreads for books I have read in 2014 or previous.

I am THE thrifty reader, and so I follow some really awesome bloggers that compile lists of FREE books on Amazon. I also enter LOTS of contests. I suggest you do the same. It’s a great way to not only get books, but find new authors, bloggers, and book friends. Many times these books are the first book in a series (or part of a series), I want to know, and let YOU know, if it’s worth reading and therefore being sucked into purchasing the rest of the series. So A Cup and A Book was born. I’ll warn you, I do not like to be negative (I ain’t no hater!) and I respect the risk that showing other people what you created truly is. I will not post a negative review. I WILL point out things I didn’t like, but I will not say, THIS BOOK SUCKS. That’s not cool. I do love to find new authors, so if you loved a book, let me know!!

Be warned: I have a potty mouth. And sometimes I purposefully refuse to use grammar. I can be a touch sarcastic.


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  1. Hi! I really love this post and although it’s a bit gutting that your boys are into ‘cool dad’ just now I’m happy that it’s meant you have time to do something for you and I’m going to enjoy keeping up with your posts 🙂

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    • That’s a tough one… I used to request any and every book sound remotely entertaining, but as my kids are growing, my reaching time is shrinking. Now, it’s a few favorite authors, recs from friends, and the occasional request from new and new-to-me authors. I don’t review everything I read, because not everything is good. I want people to come here to see what I’m recommending.


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