About My Reviews

I rate my reviews with cups of coffee instead of stars. Both coffee and books are what keep me happy and healthy, so I combined them in my blog.

A breakdown:

My Cup Runneth Over: This is a must read I loooooooooved it and will be obsessed for a few weeks. I might even have a giveaway on my FB and TSU pages 🙂

5 cups: This book is awesome. One-click this one today

4.5 cups: I really liked it, but it wasn’t obsession-worthy

4 cups: I liked a lot

3.5 cups: Pretty good read, but something didn’t quite click with me. Generally, these are still good books and this rating is not bad

3 cups: It was okay, but there was something missing

2 cups: Usually books like this have this problem: concept was great, but the execution was lacking.

1 cup: I can’t imagine I would take the time to do a blog post about a single cup book. Take that how you want to.

I sign up for LOTS of blog tours. I am an impatient reader, so if I have a possibility of getting a book early, I will try. Therefore a lot of posts are blog tours. Between tours and reviews are ARCs generously given to me by authors (love you guys <3) I will try to review some of the freebies from Amazon.

If you have a book you want me to review as an author, or a suggestion for me to read, I am more than happy to consider it! Just email me at acupandabook@gmail.com  for consideration.  Please note that not all submissions will be accepted.  Please include in your email:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Brief Description
  • Your Website
  • Deadline to be read

** Please Note**

Unless otherwise noted, all review are either from ARC’s or published eBooks provided by either a promotional company, NetGalley, or the author directly.


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