Reviews A – M (By Author)

*Denotes Highly Recommended


Aarons, Carrie ~ On Thin Ice

Alisyn, Emma ~ The Bear Queen

Ashley, Kristen ~ Rock Chick Reawakening

Ashley, Kristen ~ The Deep End

Aubrey, Brenna ~ For The One

Austin, Cynthia ~ Between Dreams


Bailey, Tessa ~ Too Hard To Forget

Barnard, Jules ~ Blue Streak

Baxter, Mandy ~ Locked & Loaded

Bay, Louis ~ Calling Me Series

Beck, J. L. ~ Project Killer

Bennett, Sawyer ~ Alex

Bennet, Sawyer ~ Hawke

Bennett, Sawyer ~ Finding Kyle

*Bennett, Sawyer ~ Friction

Bennett, Sawyer ~ Roman

*Bennett, Sawyer ~ Sugar Daddy

Bennett, Sawyer ~ Wicked Bond

Bennett, Sawyer ~ Wicked Lust

Bennett, Sawyer ~ Wicked Need

Bennett, Sawyer ~ Wicked Ride

Berne, Karen Wojcik – A Groovy Kind of Love

Blake, Missy ~ Plus One

Bliss, Chelle & Brenda Rothert ~ Dirty Secret

Bliss, Chelle & Brenda Rothert ~ Dirty Work

*Bliss, Chelle ~ Enshrine

Bliss, Chelle ~ Honor Me

*Bliss, Chelle ~ Sinful Intent

Bliss, Chelle ~ The Takeover Duet

Bliss, Chelle ~ Unlawful Desire

Bliss, Chelle ~ Wicked Impulse

Bliss, Chelle ~ Worship Me

Bondurant, Aubrey ~ Ask Me Something

Bondurant, Aubrey ~ Show Me Something

Bondurant, Aubrey ~ Teach Me Something

Boyd, Natasha ~ All That Jazz

Breene, K. F. – Chosen

Breene, K. F. – Hunted

Bromberg, K ~ Down Shift

Boyd, Natasha ~ All That Jazz

Bush, Brynley ~ Timeless


Cervone, Christa ~ Down for the Count (series)

Clayton, Alice ~ Buns

Clayton, Alice ~ Cream of the Crop

Cole, Tillie ~ A Veil of Vines

Cole, Tillie ~ Ravage

Cole, Tillie ~ Reap

Cole, Tillie ~ Riot

Collins, Melissa ~ From The Wreckage

Coopmans, Kathy ~ The Absolution of Adain

Crownonver, Jay ~ Charged

Crownover, Jay ~ Honor

Crownover, Jay ~ Riveted


Dahlgren, Heather ~ Behind The Lens

*Daniels, Jane Lynne ~ The Love Rewritten Series (3 Books)

*Davis, Sam ~ Ryan Revisted

*Dawn, Scarlett ~ Blood Tree: Silver Edition

*Dawn Scarlett ~ Chosen Fool

*Dawn, Scarlett – Chosen Thief

Dawn, Scarlett ~ Game Master

*Dawn, Scarlett ~ Gargoyle

Demeter, Rachel ~ Beauty of the Beast

Dover, L. P. – Camden’s Redepmtion

Dover, L.P. ~ High Sided

Dover, L. P. ~ No Limit

Dover, L. P. ~ Resisting the Moon

Dover, L. P. ~ Roped In

Dover L. P. ~ Turn of the Moon

Dunbar, L. B. ~ Paradise Fought: Abel

Dunbar, L.B ~ Paradise Found: Cain

Dunbar, L.B. ~ The Sex Education of M.E.

*Dunbar, L. B. ~ The Trial of Guinevere DeGrance

Duran, Gabbie S. ~ Unspoken Temptation


Eden, Cynthia ~ A Bit of Bite

Elliot, Kelly ~ Adrenaline 

Ellis, A. D. – Decker

*Everett, Ann – Two Wrongs Make a Right


Faber, Elise ~ Blocked

Faber, Elise – Phoenix Rising

Fardig, Caroline ~ Murder over Mochas

Fenske, Tawna ~ The Fix Up

Foor, Jennifer ~ Frigid Affair

Foster, Melissa ~ Lovers at Heart

Frazier, T. M. ~ Lawless

Frazier, T.M. ~ Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater (Part 1)

Frazier, T. M. ~ Soulless


Gray, Rina ~ It’s Been You

*Grey, Autumn ~ Havoc Series

Grey, RS ~ A Place in the Sun

Grey, RS ~ Anything You Can Do

*Grey, RS ~ The Allure of Dean Harper

Grover Swank, Denise ~ Only You


Hagen, Layla ~ Your Alluring Love

Hale, Amy ~ Ulterior Motives

Hall, S. E. ~ Embody

Hall, S. E. ~ Endure

Hampton, Ashley ~ Breeze

Hargrove, A.M. & Terrie Browning ~ A Mess of a Man

Harvey, BJ ~ Game Player

Heller, J. B – Undeniable Attraction

*Henry, Max ~ Devil on Your Back

Heywood, Carey ~ Them

Hollyfield, J. D. ~ Faking It

Hollyfield, J.D. ~ Life As We Know It

*Hollyfield, J. D. ~ My So Called Life (Love Not Included #3)

Hollyfield, J. D. ~ Sinful Instincts

*Holmes, Tanya ~ The Darkest Frost Vol 1

*Holmes, Tanya ~ The Darkest Frost Vol 2

Holmes, Tanya – Within Temptation


Iacopelli, Jennifer – Losing At Love

Ione, Danielle ~ Limitless

*Infante-Bosco, Janine ~ Forbidden Temptations

Infante-Bosco, Janine ~ Lethal Temptations

*Infante Bosco, Janine ~ Pieces

Infante-Bosco, Janine ~ Reckless Temptations

Ivy, Alyssa Rose – Hazards of Sleeping With a Friend

Ivy, Alyssa Rose ~ Savor


Jackson, KM ~ Insert Groom Here

Jackson, KM ~ To Me I Wed

*Jackson, N. D. ~ A Little Bit In Love

Jagger, Eve ~ Jackson

Jagger, Eve ~ Knox

Jennings, S.L. ~ Ink & Lies

Jones, Lisa Renee ~ Damage Control

Jones, Lisa Renee ~ Hard Rules


Kane, Samantha ~ Jacked Up

Keeland, Vi ~ Beat

Keeland, Vi ~ Beautiful Mistake

Keeland, Vi ~ Bossman

Keeland, Vi ~ Egomaniac

Keeland, Vi ~ Sex, Not Love

Keeland, Vi – Throb

Keeland, Vi and Penelope Ward ~ Cocky Bastard

Keeland, Vi and Penelope Ward ~ Dear Bridget, I Want You

Keeland, Vi and Penelope Ward ~ Mister Moneybags

Keeland, Vi and Penelope Ward ~ Playboy Pilot

Keeland, Vi and Peleople Ward ~ Stuck-Up Suit

Kenneally, Miranda ~ Coming Up For Air

Kessler, Lissa ~ New Moon

Kestwick, Stacy ~ Soaked

Kestwick, Stacy ~ Wet

Kingsolver, B. R. – I’ll Sing for My Dinner

Kreig, K.L. ~ Black Swan Affair

Kreig, K.L. ~ Destination Connelly 

*Kreig, K.L. ~ Evading

Kreig, K.L. ~ Lost In Between

Kreig, K.L. ~ Luke’s Absolution

Kreig, K. L. ~ Reawakening

*Kreig, K.L. ~ Undeniable Asher


LaCross, Jennifer – In My Bed

Lane, Prescott ~ Wrapped In Lace

*Lee, Christina ~ Two of Hearts

Levine, Nina ~ Be The One

Levine, Nina ~ Command

Levine, Nina, Devil’s Vengeance 

Levine, Nina ~ Havoc

Levine, Nina ~ Illusive

Levine, Nina ~ Steal My Breath

*Levine, Nina – Relent

Lore, Elda ~ Hades

Lore, Elda ~ Heph

Lore, Elda ~ Solis

Loring, Kaylee ~ The Workation

Lyons, Heather ~ The Forgotten Mountain


Maggert, Terry ~ Halfway Bitten

Maggert, Terry ~ Halfway Dead

Madden, AM ~ Glass Ceilings

Major, Michelle ~ Recipe for Kisses

*Martinez, Aly – Fighting Silence

*Martinez, Aly ~ Fighting Shadows

*Martinez, Aly ~ Fighting Solitude

Maxwell, Gina ~ Ruthless

Maxwell, Gina ~ Sweet Victory

McLain, Molly ~ Bend

McLaughlin, Heidi ~ Stripped Bare

McMahon, Jennifer Rose ~ Bohermore

Michele, Ryan ~ Bound by Family

Michele, Ryan ~ Captivate Me

Michele, Ryan ~ Conquering 

Michele, Ryan – Consume Me

Michele, Ryan ~ Needing to Fall

Miller, Raine ~ Filthy Rich

Moen, Jenni ~ Dearborn

*Moreci, Jenna ~ The Savior’s Champion

Multi ~ Fairy Tale Confessions 

Mulit – Matched

Multi – Night Shift Anthology

Multi ~ Text2Lovers


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