Reviews N-Z (By Author)

*Denotes Highly Recommended


*Newbury, Helena ~ Kissing My Killer

*Newbury, Helena ~ The Undercover Series



Pepper, Sarah J ~ Neverland Evermore (Book 1)

Pepper, Sarah J. ~ Soulless

Peterson, Jessica ~ The Undercover Scoundrel

Pinder, Victoria – Borrowing the Doctor

Prince, Jessica ~ Almost Perfect

Prince, Jessica ~ Coming Full Circle

*Prince, Jessica ~ Fire & Ice

Prince, Jessica & Megan Quinn ~ Hustler

Prince, Jessica ~ A Broken Soul

Prince, Jessica ~ Love Hate Relationship

Prince, Jessica ~ Opposites Attract

*Prince, Jessica ~ Scattered Colors

Prince, Jessica ~ Seducing Lola

Prince, Jessica ~ Sweet Sunshine

Prince, Jessica ~ Wildflower

Probst, Jennifer ~ Any Time, Any Place



*Radcliff, Alexis ~ A Vanishing Glow

Rae, Alicia – Boundless Fate

Reynolds, Aurora Rose ~ Distraction

Reynolds – Aurora Rose – Obligation

Reynolds, Aurora Rose ~ Until Ashlyn

Reynolds, Aurora Rose ~ Until Jax

Reynolds, Aurora Rose ~ Until July

*Reynolds, Aurora Rose ~ Until June

Reynolds, Aurora Rose ~ Until Sage

Reynolds, Aurora Rose ~ Wide Open Spaces

Robert, Katee ~ An Indecent Proposal

Robert, Katee ~ Forbidden Promises

Robert, Katee ~ The Bastard’s Bargain

Robert, Katee ~ The Devil’s Daughter

Robert, Katee ~ The Marriage Contract

Robert, Katee ~ The Marriage Pact

Robert, Katee ~ Undercover Attraction

Robingson, Rachel ~ Black & White Flowers

*Robinson, Rachel – Set In Stone

Robinson, Sarah ~ Becoming a Legend

Rock, Joanne ~ His Secretary’s Surprise Fiance

Rothert, Brenda ~ Deep Down

*Rymer, Adair – Riding for Her


Salsbury, JB ~ Fighting Fate

Salsbury, JB ~ Wrecked

Salsbury, JB ~ Split

Savage, River – Paradox

Scott, Emma ~ All In

Scott, Emma ~ Full Tilt

Scott, Ginger ~ Hard Count, The

Scott, Ginger ~ Hold My Breath

*Scott, Ginger ~ In Your Dreams

Scott, Ginger ~ The Girl I Was Before

*Scott, Ginger ~ Wicked Restless

*Scott Ginger ~ Wild Reckless

Scott, Melanie ~ Playing Hard

Shalvis, Jill ~ My Kind of Wonderful

*Simmons, L. B. ~ Out of Focus

*Simmons, L. B. – The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller

Simmons, L.B. ~ Under the Influence 

Sloane, Nikki ~ Three Sweet Nothings

Smith, Andrea – Taz

Smith, Stormy ~ Bound By Duty

Snell, Tyler Anne ~ Private Bodyguard

Snow, Emily – Uncovered


Taylor, Keary ~ House of Royals

Tijan ~ Evil

Tucker, K.A. ~ Until it Fades



Van Dyken, Rachel ~ The Bachelor Auction

Van Dyken, Rachel ~ The Bachelor Contract

Van Dyken, Rachel ~ The Consequence of Revenge

Van Dyken, Rachel ~ The Matchmaker’s Playbook


Walker, Julie Ann ~ Wild Ride

Ward, Penelope ~ Drunk Dial

Ward, Penelope ~ Mack Daddy

Warren, Skye ~ The Castle

Warren, Skye ~ The Knight

Warren, Skye ~ The Pawn

Webster, K ~ Dirty Ugly Toy

Webster, K – Becoming Lady Thomas

Webster, K ~ Sweet Jayne

Webster, K ~ Running Free

*Webster, K ~ The Road Back to Us

Wild, Meredith ~ Into the Fire

Winters, Pepper ~ Ruin & Rule

Winters, Pepper ~ Third Debt (Indebted Series #4)

Witter, Stephanie ~ Six Years

Wolfe, S.A. ~ Faithful

Wolfe, Trisha ~ Derision

*Wolfe, Trisha ~ With Visions of Red (Broken Bonds #1)

Wylde, Joanna ~ Silver Bastard